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Dare to try pervious concrete®...

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DrainColor® is the BENCHMARK brand of Béton Drainant®

Today, DrainColor® is the benchmark brand for the only coloured pervious concrete (béton drainant®) in a bag for exterior flooring in France and Europe.

  • 100% French innovation
  • 2 registered patents
  • Nature-friendly innovator
  • Easy to use
  • For professionals & private individuals

France Color Diffusion®® is a manufacturer and distributor of DrainColor® products and the French leader in pervious concrete (béton drainant®) in a bag.

Ecology begins with a DrainColor® floor...

DrainColor® does not break the natural water cycle. Water seeps through naturally, hydrates the soil and helps recharge the groundwater table.

  • Highly pervious
  • No puddles or run-off
  • Rainwater instantly infiltrates into the ground
  • Surface temperature is lowered thanks to natural ventilation

DrainColor® avoids the costly installation of water drainage systems: no more need for gutters or kerbs as it adapts to any type of terrain.

Schema BĂ©ton Drainant DrainColor


With 9 shades available and infinite design possibilities, you will be able to satisfy every customer’s wishes. In addition, DrainColor® ensures long-lasting colour fastness because the concrete is integrally coloured throughout.


A simple water jet removes any dirt. We have also developed products to make cleaning easier and to make the concrete stay clean even longer.


DrainColor® ensures a surface with no water retention to avoid any risk of slipping and falling. It is resistant to temperature fluctuations (freezing, thawing or hot weather) and thus maintains a moderate surface temperature.

Palette couleurs béton drainant DrainColor


Are you looking for ideas for your outdoor space ? Be inspired by our creations !

Inventing an ecological way to make beautiful outdoor flooring

  • 01 Real innovations must benefit the environment

    Our civilisation no longer has a choice. If we want to continue to progress, we must ensure that progress benefits people and their environment. Any innovation that does not provide a real benefit for the customer while respecting the environment is doomed to fail.

  • Inventing a surface that maintains the soil’s hydraulic conductivity and offers attractive decoration and embellishment options around buildings. Inventing a durable and universal material that can be installed easily, without heavy equipment, by either professionals or private individuals.

  • It is not enough to imagine and develop a new concept of pervious concrete. To become a global brand, DrainColor® is constantly evolving its products, adapting them to all environmental and usage constraints, developing their aesthetics and improving installation techniques and tools.


  • FCD is a training provider and has obtained its Datadock, which means that the centre meets the 21 quality criteria that enable funders (OPCO) to ensure the quality of training measures (cf. French legislative decree of June 2015).